Order Scottish Terrier ChecksOrder Boston terrier checks. The terrier is a collective name for the many popular dog breeds in the terrier family. The terrier include five groups with many different breeds under it. Terriers are well known for their fearlessness and active lifestyle. They are very loyal, affectionate and can sometimes show big personalities and feel that they are pack leader. Originally, this type of dogs are bred as pest control animals. Terriers are excellent hunters too. In the past they are used to hunt rats, badgers and were also used as herding dogs. Today, most terriers are companion dogs and family pets.

The size and appearance of terriers can greatly vary depending on its breed. They can be as light as 2.7 kilograms and some bigger breeds can weigh up to 32 kilograms. Many terrier owners today are kept as house pets and there are still some that are used for pest control, although this norm is slowly broken.

If you own a terrier this is now your chance to order Yorkshire terrier checks. We also offer Scottish Terrier Checks and Boston terrier checks. Choose the one that fits your taste or the one that matches your pet’s breed. These check designs are highly recommended for those who want to showcase their love for the terriers. If you are one of them, order your very own Yorkshire terrier checks today. Some check designs are depicted below.

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  • The Scottish Terrier Checks are available in single or duplicate formats. Singles – 126 checks per box. Duplicates – 102 checks per box
  • Included with the Boston Terrier Checks order: 24 Deposit Tickets and 1 Transaction Register.
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