Order Ohio State University Checks


Bored with the same personal bank check designs? You can easily change that and show your school pride at the same time, with these new customized university checks. Current Ohio State University students, past students, faculty, or those that just like Ohio State University or their sports teams, you can now order Ohio State University Checks that are customized using your own images.

Take a look at these examples of personalized Ohio State University Checks you can order online. What’s exciting about these customized university checks is that your new Ohio State University bank checks will be 100% unique. Plus, they only take minutes to create.

Order Ohio State University Football Checks


How to Order Ohio State University Checks Online:

To Start, you will need to order a “Photo Check” so let’s begin by clicking here. The Photo Checks page will open in a new tab.

 Order Photo Checks

With the photo check tool, you can add almost any image that you want on your Ohio State University Checks. There are a few restrictions. Official logos, trademarks, or any copyright protected photo is prohibited. Plus, any image containing illegal activity, nudity, or is otherwise offensive is also prohibited. These few restrictions shouldn’t be an issue because there are still Ohio State University photos and images that you can freely use for your custom bank check designs. If you attend or have attended Ohio State University, then you most likely already have photos that you took yourself using your own camera. The option of adding photos that you took yourself is what makes these customized university bank checks so unique.

Search online for the Ohio State University images that you want to use for your custom bank check designs. You can search Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo or any search engine that you prefer. You can also use your own images.


Landscape images (wider width, shorter height) works the best. Also, avoid dark photos. There are several free online photo editing tools to customize your photos before uploading them to the photo check tool.


Here is a short how-to video that will explain all of the steps that you need to know to easily make your own Ohio State University Checks. Before you complete your order, check out the accessories such as address labels.

University Checkbook Covers

University Return Address Labels