order dragonfly personal checksOrder Dragonfly checks. Dragonflies are probably one of the most beautiful and popular insects. Dragonflies are characterized by their large pair of eyes, strong transparent wings and elongated body. Dragonflies are very important in the ecosystem as they prey on smaller insects like mosquitoes, ants, bees among others. In estimate, there are about 5680 species of dragonflies in the planet. They are usually found on areas with calm body of waters like streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands. Dragonflies are also among the fastest flying insects and their flight speed can range from 50 to 60 miles per hour. What’s unique with dragonflies is their ability to fly in six directions. Upward, downward, side to side, forward. In most dragonfly specie, dragonflies spend most of their lives in nymph form which can expand to up to 5 years. As adults, their lifespan is between 3 to 6 months.

If you find dragonflies beautiful you will find our dragonfly checks more beautiful. Our dragonfly personal checks come with different background designs. With these check designs you can show your uniqueness and creativity. Order your dragonfly checks today and be amazed with the check designs you can choose from. These dragonfly checks come with optional security features which you can add to your bank checks for added protection. Choose from some of the check designs available below.

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  • The Dragonfly Checks are available in single or duplicate formats. Singles – 126 checks per box. Duplicates – 102 checks per box
  • Included with the Dragonfly Personal Checks order: 24 Deposit Tickets and 1 Transaction Register.
  • Optional – Matching Dragonflyaddress labels.
  • Optional – EZ Shield Fraud Protection. Guard your checks from unauthorized use for only $2.25 per box of checks.