order panda checksOrder Panda checks today. Pandas also known as giant Pandas are of the bear family and is one of the many animal specie that is currently in danger. Pandas are well known for the round black circles around their eyes, ears and all over its round body. Although also classified as carnivores, pandas in the wild mainly eat bamboos. Today, Pandas can be found in many local zoos not only in China, but also across the world. In the wild, Pandas are known to be terrestrial animals and are very solitary. Male and Female Pandas have their own territories which are marked by spraying with their urine or by leaving claw marks on trees and other solid materials. They are calm and do not attack unless provoked. Pandas are also known to symbolize China, together with the mythical creature, the dragon. In the Chinese Language, Pandas are known in 20 different names.

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