Owl Checks

Owl checksOwls are wonderful creatures, these aviary creatures mostly lives alone in solitude. Although this is true, there are some owl species that live in groups and are called a parliament. Owls are nocturnal creatures, which mainly hunt at night. The shape and size of their eyes are the result of evolution. Since they are unable to move their eyes like other birds of other species, owls move their heads in 270 degrees. If you have seen the Harry Potter Movies, you must have noticed that Harry’s owl is able to move its head in different directions without moving its body. Owls are also depicted as the symbol of wisdom, this rooted in the Ancient Greece culture – where Athena the goddess of wisdom, is symbolized by owls. Today, there are two owl specie across the world – the typical owls and the barn owls. If you love owls, and is amazed by these wonderful creatures, it is the right time to commemorate the beauty of this bird specie in your bank checks.

Get your owl checks and be amazed with our cheap checks which are of the highest quality. You can choose from different check designs. Below are just some samples of the most popular owl checks that you can choose from. These cheap checks design are compatible with safety features which will protect your account from fraudulent transactions and unauthorized access. Get these Owl personal checks today and be amazed with our check designs.

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  • The Owl Checks are available in single or duplicate formats. Singles – 126 checks per box. Duplicates – 102 checks per box
  • Included with the Owl Personal Checks order: 24 Deposit Tickets and 1 Transaction Register.
  • Optional – Matching Owl Checks address labels.
  • Optional – EZ Shield Fraud Protection. Guard your checks from unauthorized use for only $2.25 per box of checks.