order leopard print checksOrder Leopard Checks. The Leopard is one of the big “four cats,” which includes the lion, tiger and jaguar. The leopard is the smallest of these group and is popularly known for its rosette which are typically smaller than those of jaguars. Aside from the smaller rosette patterns, the rosette are also densely distributed but with the absence of central spots. Collectively, melanistic jaguars and leopards are called black panthers. Leopards can reach the speed of 58 kilometers per hour and is able to climb trees even carrying a huge chunk of meat. Sadly this beautiful hunter’s population is threatened because of many contributing factors. Leopards can be found in many regions including rain forests and dessert terrains. The sizes and weight of leopards can greatly vary depending on its specie and location. In areas that larger cats are not present, leopards can weigh up to 97 kilograms.

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