batman symbolBruce Wayne A.K.A. The Batman is a superhero character that is close to our hearts. The character of Batman is created by graphic artist Bob Kane and the writer Bill Finger. Batman first appeared in Detective comics issue no. 27 on May of 1939. Batman is a billionaire superhero and is known for his childhood recollections of murder and death of his parents which were killed in front of him. His character is known as a compelling superhero without super powers, but his lack of these made him more human unlike other super heroes. In 1960 the first Batman TV series was born. The character of Batman was also used for movies.

Even heroes needed help sometimes and Batman has known people who helped him with his fight against criminals. His primary partner against crimes in Robin, he is also supported by the police force through commissioner Jim Gordon. Batman’s character have dealt with several criminals in Gotham city like Joker, Two Face, Poison Ivy and the Catwoman. The Batman has become to popular and was even listed on Empire magazine’s 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters of all time, Batman was on the second spot.

Our childhood will never be complete without the dark Knight. He has helped us understand the two sides of humanity. He became a shining beacon of hope for all the kids who knew him, and now that we are old enough to write on checks, we can relive him further. Show your uniqueness in your own personal way. Order Batman Checks and show your support to one of the greatest cartoon characters ever. Below are some sample Batman checks.


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