Yogi_BearWho can forget Yogi Bear of the Jellystone Park? Yes, the bear wearing a collar and necktie. The character of Yogi Bear is another character created by Hannah-Barbera. He has appeared in several media format including comic books and animated cartoons. His debut was in 1958 as a supporting character in the HuckleBerry Hound Show. He later on became a breakaway character, starring in his own show the Yogi Bear Show. This character is often seen with his friend Boo-Boo bear. Both characters are often seen trying to snatch picnic baskets from park visitors, which the park ranger – Ranger Smith clearly disapproves of. His girlfriend Cindy Bear is also against this antic. Although not everyone knows, the reason behind the collar Yogi wear is for the animators of the TV series not to draw the whole body of Yogi for his show. This have greatly helped them in lowering down the number of slides needed for each show that is made.

The first Yogi Bear show was sponsored by Kellogg’s and have become a total hit, even surpassing the popularity of The Huckleberry Hound Show. Yogi has appeared in several Television Shows, films and even video games. Because of the great reception, Yogi bear is said to be one of the most popular animated characters in the US during the 50’s until the 80’s

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