wonder womanWonder Woman is another character that was developed by DC comics in the 1940’s. She is one of the few female superheroes that have grabbed the attention of many comic fanatics. Diana of Themyscira or Wonder Woman is a the product of the imagination of the writer and psychologist William Marston. She is from the Amazons and was based on the Greek mythology. She fights for love, justice, peace and sexual equality. She is viewed a feminist icon ever since. The most popular battle arsenal that she use are her bracelets and lasso of truth, which have helped her defeat a number of villains including Cheetah, Ares, Genocide and The Circle. Like all superheroes sometimes, even Wonder Woman needs help to fight her battles. Hence sometimes she was seen fighting side by side with Justice Leagues and Justice Society.

Her character and presence have opened the possibility of equality of men and women during World war 2. She was first portrayed as a character fighting the Axis forces. Many adaptations were also made for her. TV, animated films and TV series. Diana or Wonder Woman was named by the Empire magazine as the 20th greatest comic book characters. She was also ranked as the 6th Sexiest Women in Comics according to Comic Buyer’s Guide. Either way, Wonder Woman has been a shining beacon of sexual equality across the world and has become respected and accepted as she is, regardless of her strengths and weaknesses.

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