Tasmanian DevilTasmanian Devil or Taz has long been one of the most favorite cartoon characters created by Looney Tunes. Although Taz is the youngest among all Looney Tunes cartoon character, its popularity is unquestionable. The Tasmanian Devil is probably the most short tempered character created by Looney Tunes. Like the animal Tasmanian devil in real life, Taz is also voracious and carnivorous. Eating anything and everything on his way. Although Taz don’t talk, his grunts, rasps and growls are enough to convey his messages across his fans. This character is also known as a dim witted character, but even through this type of characteristic, everyone still loves him.

Although his early career was short lived because of the shut down of Warner Bros. Cartoons in the 1960’s. Taz’ popularity propelled during the 90’s. Taz even had his very own show called Taz-Mania. This show ran for 3 seasons and was met with high acclaim. Today, its character can be found in several media formats even on merchandize. This character has also helped real Tasmanian Devils to find hope. Since the Tasmanian Devil is facing extinction because of a rare disease, Looney Tunes have agreed with the manufacturing of special edition Taz toys to help fund the research. Although short tempered and somewhat dim witted, we can say that Taz has been one of those characters that did something right for the community.

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taz check 1 taz check 2

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