celebrate earthIf you love Hanna-Barbera characters, you’ll know that these characters are playful, cute and sometimes borderline evil. But, through all this, they have something in common – they care for the environment. The Hanna Barbera Productions have made our childhood fun, with characters that depict some real life qualities and characteristics in all of us. Although some may say that these characters are sometimes crude, we will all agree when we say that they are relevant parts of our childhood. These cartoon characters have opened our imaginations and playfulness.

As an example, who can forget the rivalry and friendship between Tom and Jerry, or perhaps the misadventures of Fred Flintstones. Scooby has helped us too somehow overcoming our fears. The Blue little people called the smurfs have also helped us in recognizing true friendship.

If you are a big Hanna Barbera characters fan, we have some great news for you. You can now order Celebrate Earth checks featuring your most favorite characters. Join Hanna-Barbera characters in supporting earth day all throughout the year. These checks features Hannah-Barbera cartoon character printed on recycled paper. Celebrate Earth by ordering checks with Hannah-Barbera cartoon characters printed on them. Below are some sample checks that you can choose from.

celebrate earth sample checks 2 celebrate earth sample check 1

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  • Security Features: Our Celebrate Earth checks feature Chemical Protection, Erasure Protection and Microprint Signature Line.
  • Our Celebrate Earth Checks are available in duplicate which can save you time and keep better records with carbonless copies of every check you write.
  • Images enhanced to show detail on the check.