peanutsPeanuts is a syndicated American comic strip which ran from 1950-2000. It was written and illustrated by the well known artist and illustrator Charles Schulz. In total, there were about 17,500 Peanuts comic strip that were written, illustrated and published. During its peak, this comic strip was being published in around 2,600 newspaper in about 75 countries with at least 35 million readership. In estimate, its creator earned around $1 billion from the comic Peanuts comic strip andĀ merchandisesĀ  Peanuts have also been successful on TV and even on stage. It can be said that this cartoon comic strip is one of those success story that has not been paralleled by any other comic strip.

Its main character Charlie Brown is known as a character that lacks self confidence, but together with his friends, his misfortunes are turned into successes. In the year 2000, the comic strip has ended when Schulz decided to retire. Although this has happened, all our favorite characters will remain in our hearts, reminding us of the our childhood and how Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy has been a part of our daily routines while reading the papers.

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