tweetyWhen it comes to creating characters that defies the norm nothing beats Warner Bros. Looney Tunes. One of these characters is the yellow canary bird known for his sweetness and funny antics – Tweety. Although many have confused Tweety as a female character in the past, it is quite well known nowadays that Tweety is a male bird. During the Golden Age of American animation, Tweety has appeared in at least 49 cartoons. He may seem cute and harmless but cats must beware. Because under this facade, a mischievous and aggressive character is well placed. Tweety first appeared on TV on November 21st 1942 in the the episode called A tale of two kitties. He appeared in that show and was an instant hit, because of his character.

At times his nemesis take Tweety in a less serious manner, but once Tweety feels that he is being threatened in anyway its cutesy canary character turns into aggressive and sometimes malicious character. None the less, all of us have loved Tweety in one point or another. He taught us to become brave and find courage in ourselves even we are facing bigger enemies than what we are. He embodied what we wanted to be when we were younger.

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