hello kittyHello Kitty is probably one of the most popular and most profitable cartoon characters there is. Hello Kitty was the product of the imagination of Yuko Shimizu and have been in existence since 1974. Sanrio marketed Hello Kitty to what she is today. In 2010, she turned 36 years old and still is one of the most popular characters today. Hello Kitty or Kitty White is a Japanese Bobcat, notably known to wear a red ribbon on her head. At first the target market of Hello Kitty was pre-adolescent girls, but because of her popularity, even adult consumers love her.

Although, originating from Japan, Hello Kitty has become very popular across the world. In fact, because of her popularity in estimate Hello Kitty products and goods profits are about $5 billion dollars each year. Even celebrities are her fans. Among these celebrities is Mariah Carey, a well-known singer and songwriter in the US. Hello Kitty, is from a big family of cats and has a twin sister named Mimmy. Did you know that she was said to be born in London England? She also has pet persian cat named Charrmy Kitty and a hamster named Sugar.

Today, there are at least 50,000 products in 60 countries that are branded Hello Kitty. There are also at least two theme parks in Japan which were inspired from her – the Harmonyland and Sanrio Puroland. If that didn’t amaze you, this could: there is an Airbus designed for Hello Kitty. This was done because her character is well-known to market high end products very well. There are also establishments that are themed in Hello Kitty. There are restaurants and even hospitals that adopted this theme. Clearly, Hello Kitty has become a phenomenon.

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