suzy-2 (1)Suzy Spafford is a cartoonist known for her Suzy’s Zoo cartoons. She was born in Toledo, Ohio and started her career as a cartoonist in 1968. Her characters drew the attention of many because of their humorous nature. Today, her Suzy’s Zoo characters are averaged to earn about $50 million annually. The most notable character of Suzy’s Zoo is Suzy Ducken a cross depiction between a duck and a chicken. All of these characters live in Duckport. Suzy Ducken is a happy, cheerful and playful character. She has a best friend named Emily Marmot. She is one of the central character of the Suzy’s Zoo series.

The creator of these notable characters is a well known cartoonist who started drawing at the age of three years old. She now lives with her husband and continues to create new cartoons for the fans of her characters. She has won several award including the National Cartoonist Society’s Greeting Card Award in 1996. Her characters have become a major hit even before she has graduated from her course of fine arts. Today, her hilarious cartoon cards are still on sale and are still being bought by raving fans of her work.

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