Our Christmas Candles Personal Checks features Christmas themed artwork that you will absolutely love. Celebrate Christmas in your unique way by ordering these special cartoon check that features 2 beautiful Christmas themed candles. Spread the Christmas spirit by ordering these unique and beautiful Christmas Candles bank checks today.

Your order will come with one box of 5 pads of cartoon designed checks. Each pad includes 25 checks for a total of 125 checks. Aside from these you will also receive 20 deposit tickets and one transaction register where you can take note of your transactions. These checks are available in singles and duplicates as well. Want to protect your checks from unauthorized use? Order these with EZShield Check Fraud Protection and protect your checking account for up to $25,000.
Christmas Candles Personal Checks

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  • Security Features: Our Christmas Candles Personal Checks feature Chemical Protection, Erasure Protection and Microprint Signature Line.
  • Our Christmas Candles Personal Checks are available in duplicate which can save you time and keep better records with carbonless copies of every check you write.
  • Images enhanced to show detail on the check.