where the wild things areWho can forget Max in his wolf costume? Max being the main character in the children book Where the Wild Things Are enable awakened our imaginations the way he did to his. The book itself have sold 19 million copies across the world and is viewed as one of the most successful children’s picture book. It was illustrated and written by Maurice Sendak and was published by Harper & Row. In 2009 it was adapted in a feature film, with wide acclaim and positive reviews.

The plot of the story is very simple: after Max causes havoc in his family’s living room, he was sent back to his room. When he entered his room, the surroundings changes into a forest like environment. He sailed into the island where the wild things inhabit. He intimidated the leader of the wild things and was heralded as the new leader. His love for his family soon bite in and went back home where a hot meal was cooked by his mother was waiting for him. The story itself was the product of the imagination of the writer. It was inspired by the frequent visits of his relatives into their home while he was young. Its success is said to be one of those few where anger was the main catalyst of the story plot.

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