betty boopBetty Boop is a famous cartoon character created by Max Fleischer with the help of several animators. Originally, Betty Boop first appeared on Talkartoon and some other Betty Boop films produced by Fleischer studios and was distributed by Paramount Pictures. She has also appeared on comic strips and other mass merchandises.

In the 1930’s, everyone began to love Betty Boop because she symbolized the better days before the Great Depression. She was also seen as a “sex symbol” with her animated films garnering more adult audience than children at that time. She was also seen as a unique female cartoon character, for being independent, representing the emerging sexualized women class at that time. Although just an animated character, Betty Boop was able to influence the women of 1930’s to become more independent, open minded and therefore somehow responsible for women revolution in some sense.

Who wouldn’t love Betty Boop’s character? She has a strong mind and free heart. Unlike other female characters in the 1930’s she embodied a woman full of character, she became a beacon of hope for children to become who they are and not to be afraid to be. Now that her prime has passed, here fans are still out there, waiting for her to shine again.

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