SupermanSuperman is definitely one of the most popular comic characters there are. Superman was the product of the imagination of the writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in the year 1932. The character was then sold to Detective Comics or now known as DC comics and has first appeared in the first installment of Action Comics in 1938. The reception of this character was extremely overwhelming turning him into a cultural icon. Since then the Superman character has become one of the most popular not only in the US, but also across the world.

The Superman character has opened a vast opportunity for other superhero characters in the years to come. Today, the Superman character has been seen in many media format including films, Television shows and even radio broadcasts. His character are also printed on different merchandizes that are sold in different countries. In the years to come, Superman has become not only an icon but a shining beacon for humanity, a reminder that evil will never triumph over goodness. He has also reminded us of acceptance. His iconic image is represented by the letter S printed on his shirt, his blue cape and red tights, the colors present in the flag of the US. This could be one reason why the US citizens have accepted him with full arms open.

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