The EverBank traces its origins to the early part of the 1960s where it was characterized by service, discipline, and innovation.  Because of these founding principles, it now stands as one of the strongest and healthiest banking institutions in the State of Florida.  The EverBank continues to change the perception of people about banking through the delivery of unique financial solutions and investing opportunities.

The EverBank is not one of those banking institutions that are willing to settle for the conventional, which is why its checking account holders deserve the level of personalization that Get Bank Checks delivers.  With just a routing number and checking account number, customers can begin to Order EverBank Checks online.  Personalization can go through a number of different levels.

The first level is the selection of the personalized bank check design.  Get Bank Checks provide customers with over 3,500 design choices that are of highest quality and standard.  If none of these fit into the discriminating taste of the customers, they can Order EverBank Checks using the Photo Checks feature, where they use their own submitted image.  This level of personalization is not offered by any conventional banking facility.

Out Of The Blue Personal ChecksThe next level is the option to include bank check accessories.  As customers Order EverBank Checks they have the choice to include accessories like envelopes and address labels.  After this, customers can visit the Coupons and Specials category to avail of current offers to personalize the way they pay for the EverBank Checks they want.  This is total personalization EverBank checking account holders can enjoy when they Order EverBank Checks.

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